Heybridge Swifts vs CTFC

Velocity Trophy
October 8, 2019
Score: 0 - 2

Match Report

Match Photos – Heybridge Swifts V Coggeshall Town – 08.10.2019

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Coggeshall were eager to continue their form in the Velocity Trophy following a thrilling 5 – 1 win over Sudbury in their previous match. With prior fixtures against Heybridge proving to be exciting, if not challenging, the game was set to be a contest from the beginning.

The Town got off to a flying start with a series of promising attacks that were put to bed early following a fantastic strike from Conor Hubble, as the ball left his feet and into the top left corner. Following this, the Heybridge full back goes down, and Dexter Peter is shown a yellow card just outside the box. The free-kick is taken low, as Ash Jones is able to save the ball with ease.

Just after the half an hour mark, the Heybridge striker is taken down in the box, and the ref has no hesitation in awarding a penalty. The ball goes to the right, but so does Jones, and his fantastic form continues, as the equaliser they desperately needed is denied by the number one.

HALF TIME: Heybridge 0 – 1 Coggeshall

There certainly wasn’t a slow start to the second half as Heybridge managed to break past the half way line with relative ease. As the striker edged towards the box, the move was swiftly shut down by substitute David Agboola, who had replaced Jordan Foster following a solid first start for the Seedgrowers.

Smith then made a double substitution, with Hubble and Wall coming off, making way for Jack Simmons, along with new signing Rigers Kabashi. After the hour mark had passed, George Cocklin sent a rocket of a strike towards the goalkeeper, who struggled to save the effort of the midfielder.

Despite this, play switched immediately to the other end of the pitch, as a powerful strike from the Heybridge forward was caught by a composed Ash Jones. Not longer after Coggeshall had made it two – nil, with debutant Rob Harvey tucking the ball into the bottom right corner following a scramble in the box.

A corner Heybridge creates a nerve racking opportunity as Jones is forced to tip the ball out for another set piece. In the dying moments of the game, determined former-Seedgrower Tyler Corlett bombed towards Ash Jones before colliding with the shot-stopper, but somehow escapes without a booking.

FULL TIME: Heybridge 0 – 2 Coggeshall

Heybridge: David Leader, Billy Willis, Jey Siva, Delio Tosoni, Jayden Randell, Tyler Corlett, Oussama Khayar, Odei Martin-Sorondo, Matthew Price, David Rodriguez-Lopez, Emmanuel Osei-Owusu.

Subs: Harrison Chatting, Toib Adeyemi, Evans Kouassi, Elliott Ronto, Alex Teniola.

Coggeshall: Ashlee Jones, Tyler Brampton, Abednego Mensah, Joshua Pollard, Dexter Peter, Jordan Foster, Tevan Allen, Conor Hubble, Robert Harvey, Ross Wall, George Cocklin.

Subs: David Agboola, Rigers Kabashi, Aryton Coley, Jack Simmons, Tom Blackwell.

Attendance: 159