Romford FC vs CTFC

Isthmian North 19/20
November 16, 2019
Score: 2 - 3

Match Report

Glenn Tamplin’s new Romford side welcomed the Town to the Brentwood Arena, with former-Seedgrower Sam Bantick starting for the home side.

Coggeshall saw some great chances early on, with debutant Euin McKeown impressing supporters right from the start. Shortly after a shock goal was swung in from the left wing, leaving a confused Ash Jones hopeless as the ball sank into the back of the net.

Shortly after McKeown sent a powerful strike towards the bottom left of the goal, with Romford’s Agboola forced to make a diving save to stop the effort. With Coggeshall getting really stuck in, they seemed unaffected by the early goal, as they proceeded to send an onslaught of attacks at the goal.

With everyone expecting the promising Seedgrowers side to capitalise soon, Ross Wall fired a strike towards the bottom right corner, but this time the goalkeeper was left helpless as the Town sat level. Minutes after the second came, with a great header from right back Tyler Brampton hitting the roof of the net with pace.

To complete the trio of goals, Tev slotted the ball home past the keeper after he spilt the ball and the young captain capitalised from the opportunity, meeting the loose ball just outside the six yard box. Tyler Brampton was soon after taken out by mistake, leaving him injured and having to be replaced at half time, meanwhile a skilful run from Rob Harvey was cut short by a nasty foul on striker, as the offender was shown a yellow card just short of the whistle.

HALF TIME: Romford 1-3 Coggeshall Town

Both sides had dealt very well with the poor conditions so far, with the Seedgrowers seeing more results on the waterlogged pitch. Not long later another confusing goal for Romford flew past the back line as it went in from twenty-five yards, putting Romford back in the race.

Despite the less eventful second half, the Seedgrowers continued their fantastic form, with many attacks being cut short at the last minute, with the home side’s goalkeeper becoming extremely frustrated with his back four.

A series of attacks from the likes of Aryton Coley and Euin McKeown seemed extremely promising but were at the end of the day fruitless, despite the fantastic performance the whole team had put in.

Coggeshall saw a huge amount of corners come thier way, with Ross Wall forcing a lot of errors in the air, making it extremely difficult for the Romford defence, despite their height. The Seedgrowers slowly drew the game to a close, with the defence putting in a great performance to ensure that they didn’t concede.

FULL TIME: Romford 2-3 Coggeshall Town

Romford: Manny Agboola, Henry Mabassa, Jay Bacon, Jordan Wescott, Paul Hayes, Briggs Ojemen, Sam Bantick, Freddy Moncur, Phil Roberts, Jack Stevenson, Anthony Mendy.

Substitutes: Germaine Dua, Joshua Exley Banks, Malaki Toussaint, Mahamed Mahmoud, Akeem Campbell.

Coggeshall Town: Ashlee Jones, Tyler Brampton, Joseph Claridge, George Cocklin, Joshua Pollard, Jayden Gipson, Aryton Coley, Tevan Allen, Robert Harvey, Ross Wall, Euin McKeown.

Substitutes: Joseph Wicks, Abednego Mensah, Jamie Dobkin, Rigers Kabashi, Jack Simmons.

Attendance: 524

Match Photos – Romford FC V Coggeshall Town – 16.11.2019

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